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Do you have an emergency kit in the event of a disaster?

Warning!  Severe storms could be coming.

While uneasy to think about, everyone should be prepared. This list below is for those who do not have a storm shelter where they can have these items already stored. We recommend a duffle bag with the following items that is ready to grab.

New Roof for Local Woman Scammed by Construction Company

Yates Roofing and Construction has stepped in to help a local grandmother who was scammed by a Tecumseh construction company. Ms. Thompson, who shares the home with her ten grandchildren, hired and paid a considerable deposit to the construction company to replace her roof and remove a shed and two trees from her backyard.

Big Thanks From 3rd Grade Class

Handwritten thank you note from a student in Mrs. Breshear’s 3rd grade class at Fogarty Elementary

We are so happy to have received such lovely thank you notes from Mrs. Breshear’s 3rd grade class at Fogarty Elementary. We are blessed to have been able to donate to such a great cause. #sharethanks

Proactive steps to prevent a roof leak

Prevent roof leaks. Check your roof for these potential problems.

Roofing Insurance Claim Mistakes

One of the most common and costliest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to filing roofing related insurance claims is failing to provide adequate documentation. If a roofing problem has led to significant damage that you’re looking to cover under your home insurance policy, it is generally your responsibility to demonstrate beyond a doubt that the issue was not caused by your own negligence. 

New roof buying guide

New roof buying guide

Is it time for a new roof? You may be able to put off some home repairs for a while but cracked, curled, or missing roof shingles are a pressing matter. If neglected, they can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in water damage.

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