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The Facts About a Gerard Roof

Custom Roof with beautiful design and quality
  • A Gerard® roof is up to 7 times lighter than a clay or concrete roof. Less weight on the roof means less stress on the sub-structure.
  • In many cases substantial savings can be made as there is no need for expensive reinforcing of the sub-structure. Being light in weight, Gerard® Roofing Tiles are easily handled, and installation is completed in a short time.
  • Each panel is fixed horizontally to roof battens, wind shear is virtually eliminated. Most other roofing products relay on vertical fixing methods that are prone to lifting in high winds.
  • Gerard® roofs are resistant to hail stones up to 1.2 inches. Hail stones of 3.6 inches may cause indentations, but do not penetrate the material structure.
  • The stone surface of all Gerard Roofing’s roof tiles is a potential life saver. Its rough texture holds snow in place until it melts naturally and harmlessly. Dangerous snow sliding is therefore eliminated without the need for expensive and unsightly snow stops.
  • The fire resistant solution from Gerard Roofing – A safe roofing solution must beextremely fire resistant to prevent hot embers from external fires spreading. The ideal roof will be lightweight yet strong and securely interlocked to prevent it collapsing if an interior fire becomes established. Roofing materials manufactured by Gerard Roofing are made from non-combustible, high-quality aluminium-zinc coated steel.
  • The sound of rain noise on the roof effect different people in different ways. Gerard Roofing tiles in comparison to other steel roofing products shows a reduced noise impact on our textured Gerard Roofing tiles.
  • A Gerard® roof is designed as a ventilated system with an open ended ventilation space. A ventilation space should be provided above the underlay, by means of eaves and ridge ventilation. This is achieved by the installation of counter-battens fixed to the rafters.
  • Gerard pressed steel roofing begins with the strength and resilience of New Zealand steel, coated on both sides with a protective layer of aluminium-zinc. This powerful alloy combines the sacrificial protection of zinc, as used in galvanizing, with the natural barrier protection of aluminium. In almost every environment, Gerard pressed steel roofing provides superior performance and a significantly longer service life than galvanized steel roofs.

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