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Roof Repair

Yates Roofing and Construction roofer in OKC hard at work completing a roof repair

Roof Repair Services for Homes and Businesses

Most people don’t know they have a problem or that they need roof repair services until they notice a leak. Small roof leaks can be difficult to find because the water spot can appear far from the point where your roof is damaged. If you have noticed signs of a small leak you don't want to let time pass without giving it the necessary attention as it can become a bigger, more costly problem quickly. A professional can identify problems before they develop into costly repairs, and repairing a roof is less costly than a roof replacement. That is why it is so important to have regular roof inspections done by a professional roofer.  

Let our professional roofers care for one of your home's biggest investments.

Your roof is designed to provide protection for your home and family. Oklahoma has some pretty extreme conditions, from the hot sun in the summer, strong storms in the spring and fall, and the snow and ice in the winter. Every season we have can challenge even the best roofing materials. An older roof with worn shingles can be more susceptible to damage. If you can see signs of damage or suspect you may have hail damage from a recent storm, call for a free estimate. Our professional roofers and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and the best customer service experience.

Common Types of Roof Repairs

Yates Roofing & Construction has a specialized repair team to address your needs. Some common types of roof repairs include:

  • reworking a valley with metal, ice and water shield, etc.
  • properly reinstalling a dead valley
  • chimney flashing, sealing, and caps
  • cricket installation
  • wall and other flashings
  • pipe jackboot sealing or replacement
  • other vent boot sealing or replacement
  • ridge repair or replacement
  • ventilation repair or replacement
  • damaged shingle repair or replacement from tree rubs, vermin, etc.
  • decking repair or replacement due to rot, vermin, etc.
  • high nailed shingles
  • low nailed shingles
  • hail damage or wind damaged shingles not sufficient to warrant an insurance claim
  • and many others

This list is not all-inclusive, so give us a call today for your FREE ESTIMATE.

We also perform repairs on many roof types. Some of those include composition, wood, metal, tile, synthetic tile, clay, slate, modified bitumen, and TPO. If your roof material type is not listed, that’s ok! We can still help! With our vast years of experience, Yates Roofing & Construction can address any situation with your roof.

Repair Examples

Below are just a few examples of repairs you may find yourself needing (click on any image for a larger view):

Deteriorated sealant on this chimney had allowed water to leak in. The old sealant was removed and replaced.

Chimney with deteriorated sealant. After deteriorated sealant removed and new sealant applied.


Missing asphalt shingles on this roof resulted in a leak.

Missing shingles on this roof were causing a leak. Shingles replaced and roof repair is complete.


The underlayment of this clay tiled roof was old and damaged, allowing moisture to get through. We replaced the underlayment and replaced damaged tiles with new tiles.

Old, damaged underlayment resulting in a leak for this homeowner. Damaged underlayment removed and broken tiles replaced. Tile roof leak repaired.

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