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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Financing a New Roof

Finance your roof repair through Payzer Financing

Financing a new roof is becoming more common because homeowners are able to get the roof they need without breaking the bank. Whether you are needing a new roof because you are about to sell your home or you are needing one due to damage from a storm, age, or neglect, we are here for you! 

Roof Financing Through Yates Roofing

Let's face it, no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on repairing or replacing a roof but it is a necessary investment. When you are looking to replace your roof, having a plan in place is important but the reality is that most people do not, and that is okay too. To help you plan better financially, we have partnered with Payzer Financing to offer you the best financing options available.

How much does a new roof cost anyway?

When it comes time to get a new roof, it can easily become overwhelming trying to figure how much money you will need for installation and material costs. On average, the typical reroof in Oklahoma will cost between $10,000 - $15,000. There are several factors to consider when planning for a reroof project, but the two biggest factors to consider are:

1. The size of your roof 

2. The type of material 

You may be wondering if your homeowners insurance will assist in covering these costs. If your home is damaged due to a storm or sudden incident, most homeowners insurance should cover the roof and replacement costs. However, issues that arise from general wear and tear or issues that come up from a roof that has exceeded its lifespan are typically not covered by insurance. Even if the damage on your roof is covered by insurance, you may still be left with a large deductible. 

Why finance?

Living in Oklahoma we get our fair share of surprise hailstorms and damaging wind and with that, comes storm damage. Often, replacing your roof is an unexpected event that many people do not plan for. Being fully aware of your options when it comes to replacing your roof is important so you can be left with the best choice for you. I have highlighted below a few key benefits of financing a reroof. 

Low Monthly Payments 

When you finance your reroof you can benefit from paying low monthly payments. You have the option to pay smaller payments over a longer period rather than paying a large lump sum up front. Low monthly payments give you the flexibility to pay at a speed you feel comfortable with and avoid paying large upfront costs. 

Delay Payments 

We offer three financing options that you can choose from, one of which will let you put off making payments for the first six months. One finance option that we offer works the same as cash, you will have zero interest if paid within six months. This option can be beneficial if you are in need of an emergency project but short on cash at the time. 

Customized Plan 

Our Oklahoma City roofing contractors will work closely with you to help determine the best finance option for you. We want to make the process as simple as possible and will be with you each step of the way. We understand the importance of replacing a roof and want to work with you to give you several options that you can comfortably afford. If you choose to finance with us, you have the option to finance the total reroof project or just a portion of it. 

How do I apply for financing?

There are a couple different ways you can apply for instant financing. 

  1.  You can apply for instant financing through the Payzer link by clicking "Instant Financing" on our homepage
  2.  You can also apply with the safe and secure Payzer app on your roofing specialist's mobile device 

Applying for financing is an easy 3-step process. You will click the link to apply, select the plan that best suits your need, and fill out a simple approval form. We offer three financing options that you can choose from, and in most cases, credit applications are approved in just a couple of minutes. 

Let us help you! 

Your roof provides more than just curb appeal to your home, it can increase the value of your home significantly and when cared for correctly, is the most important factor in protecting your family from outside elements. When it comes down to it, we want you to be equipped with all the knowledge needed to make the best decision for you and your family. We will gladly work with you to come up with a plan that best suits your financial needs. 

Let us help you make a great home investment. Call today at (405) 607-0966 to see which financing option can turn your dream roof into a reality! 

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