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Impact Resistant Roof Coverings

GAF Timberline ArmorShield impact resistant shingles

The Facts on Impact Resistant Roofing Material

What is impact resistance? By definition, impact resistant means the ability to withstand a high force applied to a material over a short period of time.  This does not mean your roof is impact proof, as there are currently no products that meet that criteria.  It simply means your roof has a better chance of withstanding a hailstorm, even multiple hailstorms depending on the hail size. 

For a Class 4 impact resistant rating, the Underwriters Laboratory developed a test using a 2" steel ball dropped twice in the same location at an elevation consistent with falling hail.  For a Class 3 impact resistant rating, a 1.75" steel ball is used.  Materials that withstood these impacts without compromising the functionality were approved.  This is known as the UL 2218 test.  Shingles that are approved will have a strip on the underside of the shingle with the impact resistance information, as shown in the photo.  Certain gauges of metal, synthetic products, and stone coated steel products are also considered impact resistant.

The Benefits of Using an Impact Resistant Roofing Product

In Oklahoma, impact resistant roofs are of great value.  Mainly because of the number of hailstorms we get, but also because many insurance companies offer premium discounts.  That is a great thing since we live in an area with recurrent hailstorms that drives up the cost of Homeowners insurance.  Here at Yates Roofing, our clientele is our top priority.  Our goal is to put on as many impact-resistant roofs as we can in order to defend our insurance market and save our customers money.  Give us a call today to see if you can benefit from an impact resistant roof.

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