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Blistering Paint or Peeling Wallpaper

Blistering paint

Paint and wallpaper that is bubbled or blistered could be caused by poor attic ventilation.

If you are seeing blistering or peeling on your exterior or interior paint or wallpaper.  A possible cause is an excessive temperature or high humidity due to poor attic ventilation. These are just a couple of issues that can arise from an attic that lacks proper ventilation.

Poorly ventilated attics and summer temperatures don’t mix well.

Hot Oklahoma summers can cause your attic to quickly reach temperatures in excess of 120°F and a poorly ventilated attic can reach temperatures in excess of 160°F.  This trapped heat can cause your roof to deteriorate and your energy bill to soar.
Some other problems that may be a sign of an attic in need of proper ventilation are:

  • Shingles may curl or discolor
  • Siding can become warped
  • Mold on the underside of roof sheathing
  • Premature rotting of roof materials

Attic ventilation problems aren’t limited to summertime heat.

Problems of improper ventilation aren’t limited to soaring summertime temperatures. With the severity of winter ice storms increasing in Oklahoma you may be developing leaks caused by ice dams. Though it doesn’t take a severe ice storm to create an ice dam, and ice dams aren’t the sole causes of moisture in an attic.

Oklahoma gets more than our share of storms and with springtime storms come leaks and storm-damaged roofs.  Trapped moisture in an attic can lead to problems with mold.

If you seeing any of these warning signs, give us a call so we can inspect your roof and recommend the best option to ventilate your attic depending on your house design.  You can extend the life of your roof, enjoy a more comfortable living environment, and see added savings on your energy bill with a properly balanced ventilation system.  Call us today to schedule a free inspection so you can make sure your roof has adequate ventilation.

If you would like to know more about attic ventilation, check out Building Science Corporation: Understanding Attic Ventilation.

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