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Q & A with GAF

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A Q&A with the largest Roofing Manufacturer in North America, GAF and their new move!

After 128 years firmly located in Parsippany, NJ, GAF has decided it’s time for new some new digs!  It’s unlikely that many roofs nationwide, commercial or residential, don’t owe a “thank you” to this cornerstone of the roofing industry, so when they make a move it is news!  Here’s an interesting Q&A with GAF on the move, and if your roof needs help from GAF call Yates today!

GAF recently moved from their Wayne, NJ, offices to a new corporate headquarters at 1 Campus Drive in Parsippany, NJ. The 128-year-old company spent approximately 40 years occupying 11 buildings on the Wayne campus and made the move in early 2015 to consolidate operations into a 377,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility on a 40-acre campus.

James Murphy, vice president of business development, helps answer some questions about GAF’s exciting new office space and some of the many amenities and enhancements.

Q: Why did GAF move offices?

A: The GAF employees were spread across many buildings at our old location. It made it challenging to collaborate effectively with other departments, since we had to walk outside to get to each other. Relocating under one roof has allowed us to focus on being one team in one building.  It’s providing more opportunity for collaboration, teamwork, and efficiency, which will help us improve our offerings to our customers.

Q: What year was it built?

A: The 1 Campus Drive building was originally built in 1979 and while the building was in good shape, GAF decided to completely renovate it in 2014 to better fit our collaborative goals.

Q: How long did GAF’s renovation take?

A: We had a very aggressive timetable, but the project stayed on schedule. Construction started in May 2014 and the building was ready for employees to move in early January. By early February, the last departments were out of Wayne and housed under one roof.

Q: Who were the architects?

A: We chose NELSON based in NYC as the designers and architects for the project.  We are very happy with the design and outcome.

Q: How many square feet is the new building?

A: The building occupies 377,000 square feet of space.

Q: How many people work in the new office?

A: Approximately 600 employees and contractors work in the new location, so the office needed to accommodate the needs of all staff – from Marketing to R&D.

Q: What type of roofing system did GAF choose to put on?

A: Since GAF is a roofing manufacturer, we wanted the best-performing commercial roof available. It includes GAF’s RUBEROID® HW 25 Smooth Membrane, EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation (for exceptionally high insulation value), and EnergyGuard™ HD Cover Board (which offers the highest R-value per inch thickness in the industry and superior impact resistance). It also includes GAF’s best-performing single-ply membrane, EverGuard Extreme® Fleece-back TPO Membrane.

Q: Why did you choose it and what are the benefits?

A: GAF is particularly proud of how EverGuard Extreme® Fleece-back TPO Membrane far-outperforms competitive TPO membranes (based on heat-aging tests), and backs it with the industry’s longest commercial roofing guarantee. When using EverGuard Extreme® Fleece-back TPO Membrane with Low-Rise Foam Adhesive (compared to EverGuard Extreme® Smooth TPO Membrane), the fleece on the back of the membrane provides an added cushioning layer, especially important for hail-prone areas. Also, EverGuard Extreme® TPO Accessories with EverGuard Extreme® Fleece-back TPO Membrane helps save labor (versus field fabrication) — and provides an overall cleaner-looking roof.

Q: What other environmental enhancements were included in the upgrade process?

A: As part of GAF’s commitment to sustainable roofing choices, GAF recycled the old EPS and XPS insulation, the worn-out EPDM membrane, and even the ballast removed during the reroof. This material will be repurposed in many ways—for crumb rubber, warehouse insulation, and other applications.

Q: What type of technology is available in the new headquarters?

A: All conference rooms are equipped with a smart touchpad on the external wall, monitors, and wireless connectivity. Other rooms are equipped with Mondo Pads for collaboration and digital white boarding.

Q:  What are the employee services in the new building?

A: The new office space has a fitness center for employee wellness, a corporate dining experience to emphasize and encourage collaboration between departments, an ATM, and on-site dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up service so our employees can focus on what GAF is known for – advanced quality, industry expertise, and solutions made simple.

GAF is looking forward to many productive years in their new corporate home.

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